Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Favorties!

It seems like October flew by, and I can't believe that its already NOVEMBER. I'm loving every second of fall since it is my favorite season; the leaves are all changing colors, Halloween just past, and all my food and drinks are spice with a little cinnamon making me feel all warm :) Below are my favorite things for the month of October.

I have a lot of fun with the color I paint my nails, especially during the fall! I love dark, rich colors. Above are just some suggestions on colors to try out! They are all so different, and will make a big statement.

Since the weather is getting cooler, it gets harder and harder to wear cute dresses and skirts without my legs freezing! That's where there these babies come in - TIGHTS. They are so much fun, and can totally make an outfit look alot better. There so many options and styles to choose from whither you want color or a pattern, or both! Give them a try next time its a little chilly, and they will keep you warm & stylish :)

I remember being little and my mom always trying to get me to wear a Jean jacket, and I remember how much I HATED it. Now, I pretty much wear mine everyday! They come in so many different washes and styles that its easy to work into your wardrobe. Jean Jackets are my fall MUST have.

So this fall I discovered the new show Pan Am, and I am OBSESSED! Its basically about
all these Pan Am stewardesses in the 1960's. The show has a great story line, and I love all the characters. Also, Vampire Diaries which I have been in love with since day one. It gets better and better!

In the comments below let me know what YOU loved in the month of October!


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